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eLearning Days

eLearning Day Guidelines

Why eLearning Days? 
eLearning Days are intended to provide access to learning on days when there are school cancellations due to inclement weather. While these days cannot replace the face-to-face time students have with their teachers, it can provide continuous learning when school is cancelled. eLearning Days also eliminates the need for makeup days at the end of the school year, helping families plan summer activities.

Attendance will be based on the completion of the work for eLearning Days. Students who do not have the necessary resources may make arrangements with the teacher for additional time to complete the work. Students will be granted 3 school days to submit work after an eLearning day if circumstances prevent timely work completion.  Students not completing the necessary requirements within the established timeline may be marked as an EXCUSED ABSENCE.   

eLearning Day Communication
ISD 728 will communicate with you using the following methods when an eLearning Day goes into effect.  Cancellations will be announced via phone, email, district website and social media indicating that there will be an e-Learning Day.

  • Websites, district and school 
  • Social media sites:
  • ParentLink automated telephone notifications
  • Email notifications
  • News media notifications (TV channels 4, 5, 9 & 11)

Options for contacting your child's teacher on an eLearning Day

  1. Send your child’s teacher an email to their school email address.
  2. Call your child’s teacher and leave a message on their school voicemail.  All voicemails are forwarded to staff members email.
  3. If you request a call back from your child's teacher, please leave your callback number and specific time for a callback.
  4. Teachers, principals, and other licensed professionals will be available by email or phone (via voicemail) from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  5. Staff will respond to all communication requests in a timely manner during scheduled hours.
  6. Staff contact information can be found in the ISD 728 Staff Directory.

Google Meet Phone Calling
Teachers will utilize Google Meet Internet Calling if there is a need to call to parents on an eLearning day.  As a recipient of a Google Internet Call, the incoming number will have a number and Caller ID from out state.  

If an extended disruption of service occurs for any of our priority learning systems such as Google or Schoology on an eLearning day we will communicate to all stakeholders and determine at that time if we need to provide any additional extensions to work completion guidelines for staff and students.  The length of the interruption will determine if an extension would be warranted.  Similar communication methods described above will be used if this situation occurs. 

Middle School and High School Guidelines

Our students in middle school and high school will utilize Schoology in order to access their assignments and expectations on an eLearning Day. This also includes Prairie View Middle and Rogers Middle School students in grades 5-8. 

Staff will post their course expectations in their Schoology Course by 9 a.m. on an eLearning Day. These expectations will be posted in the Schoology Updates section or located at the top of the Materials section. 

Students will receive the eLearning Day activities for each class through Schoology. Course work may include, but is not limited to, online discussions, quizzes/assessments, online readings, completing assignments using digital resources such as Google or other web-based tools. In some cases, students may be directed to complete offline activities such as textbook readings or other assignments.  Students and parents should contact their child's teacher if they have any questions regarding coursework.

Early Childhood and Elementary School Guidelines

Students in Early Childhood and Elementary School will utilize Choice Boards on an eLearning Day. These Choice Boards will be distributed to families in November and can also be viewed and downloaded using the links below or by visiting Early Childhood boards will be shared through the Teacher Seesaw account.

On an eLearning day, students at Early Childhood and Elementary levels will choose one (1) activity in each of the subject areas listed. Upon completion, the parent/caregiver and child will sign the Choice Board and return it to school. 

Click on your school folder below to view the grade level specific choice board. Choice Boards will be published on this website in early November.

If you have questions about the eLearning activity, please contact your classroom teacher.

Elementary Choice Board Folders

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If you have questions about the eLearning activities for the day, please contact your classroom teacher.

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