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College Career Information and MCIS for Advisory

MCIS (Minnesota Career Information System) is a website that ISD 728 students are using in High School Advisory for College and Career Exploration.  You login to MCIS through Rapid Identity and then click "Clever".  For more detailed instructions view the following PDF which shows how to login to MCIS and what the expectations are for students to complete in order to receive a passing grade for Advisory:    MCIS- How to Login and access your grade-level checklist         IMPORTANT:   9th - 12th graders are required to complete all of the items on their MCIS Grade-Level Checklist in order to receive a passing grade for 2nd Semester Advisory. This grade will go on their high school transcript; which is what students send to colleges their Senior year. The deadline to complete this work is Friday May 17th 2024. 

Your MCIS should look like this below.  You access your checklist by clicking on "PLP" in top center and then your grade level on left-hand side Blue Bar. A Green checkmark will appear next to the items as you complete them. You are required to complete all of these items in order to receive a passing grade for 2nd Semester Advisory. 

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE LOGGING IN TO MCIS THROUGH RAPID IDENTITY-   Here's another way you can get logged in.

  • Google Search "MCIS".   It stands for Minnesota Career Information System. Or you can just click this Link-
  • Click "Log in with Clever" towards the bottom,  then Login with Google

Research has shown that family is one of the most important deciding factors in what a student pursues after they graduate from high school. Parents can have their student login to MCIS at home to view all of the different information that is available through the MCIS program. Students planning to attend a 2- or 4-year college after high school, please view the following PDF. It does a good job of showing the various academic programs that are available at all of the colleges in Minnesota. (Note: This document doesn't include the University of MN Colleges)  Help in Choosing your College pdf    

 Below are some websites to help guide you in making decisions for College:

YouVisit Virtual College Tours

Website will prompt you to setup an account when you go to this site. Many Minnesota colleges are on here. 

Minnesota State

Website that provides information on many of the colleges in MN

University of Minnesota

Website that provides information on the University of MN colleges

MN Private Colleges

Website that provides information on the private colleges in MN

Big Future

Website that provides information on colleges outside of MN