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Fan and Participant Behavior

Zimmerman High School Fan, Participant Behavior

In light of recent student, spectator and community-related incidents at events and activities in Minnesota and the rest of the country, we ask that you please watch/read the following statement:

ISD 728 is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all participants, spectators, and officials. Please be positive in support of our teams. There is no place for behavior that promotes disrespect, hate, or harm to individuals or groups. Any individual or group that demonstrates behaviors that do not support this statement are subject to immediate removal from all ISD 728 events. 

As a reminder, ISD 728 spectator expectations include the following:

·     Be positive.

·     Be about your team.

·     Be respectful of all players, fans, opponents, and game personnel. 

·     No taunting or personal attacks towards players, coaches or officials.

·     No profanity, animal sounds, or other potentially insensitive noises.

·     No politically, racially, culturally, or sexually charged language

Thank you for being part of our school community and for making ISD 728 a great place to be!