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Employer and ISD 728 Partnerships

ISD 728 is always looking for opportunities to partner with local businesses and community members to increase career exploration activities, keep curriculum relevant and support local businesses.

Partnering opportunities can include any of the following:

Classroom Speaker

Assist in the classroom by teaching or assisting in an area of your expertise. Or visit classrooms or an event to educated students about your career (skills required, educational background, typical day, wages, advancements). This helps students make the connection between their coursework and real-world careers.

Tours and Field Trips

Offer a tour of your business and engage students to explore different occupations and develop awareness of employability skills in different departments and career fields.

Participate in Career Day Events

Share information about your industry and connect with interested students, parents and the community at large.

Job Shadowing

Provide a short-term experience where students visit a worksite (usually a few hours) to learn about the day to day activities and what skills and education are required in an occupation.

Teacher Externship

Host a teacher or school counselor to job shadow. Educators benefit by seeing the latest updates in the industry to keep classes relevant.

Internships or Work Experience

Internships extend a career field beyond the classroom. Interns must be supervised and mentored on the job, are usually paid employees, and may earn academic credit. Strong internship programs provide substantial, meaningful work assignments, training, structured evaluation and reflection. Internships are offered to 11th and 12th graders. Students participating in internships will be supervised by a licensed work based learning teacher. This program involves written agreements and training plans between school, employer, student, and parent/guardian.

Advisory Committee Member

Provide program relevance and quality by sharing current practices in your industry and develop experiential learning opportunities for students.


Develop a professional relationship with a student to develop skills and knowledge that will enhance the student’s professional and personal growth. Mentoring can be used for both personal and professional development. It provides a positive role model and helps with career exploration. Mentoring may take place in a short term structured program or it may be a lifelong relationship.

Donate Equipment

Donate equipment or supplies that meet industry standards to ensure students have access to the appropriate tools for the career field.

Are You Interested?

Contact Amy Lord, Career and Technical Education Coordinator, at or 763-241-3400 x5016 to discuss these opportunities in the Elk River, Rogers, Otsego and Zimmerman area.

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Amy Lord
Career and Technical Education Coordinator
763-241-3400 x5016